Elf nailpolish

ok the colors from left to right are:
light red, flourescent pink, berry pink, and royal purple
Ok so the light red and flourescent pink are more creamier if that makes any sense so one coat is all I needed and the berry pink and royal purple are watery so like 2 coats was needed
Price $1 each
after 3 days they started to chip all nailpolish chips some just last longer than others I reccomend using a really good base Opi natural base coat is a good one this way itll last longer
Overall the colors look the same on the nails as in the bottles so they are true to color

Charlotte Russe shoes

The shoes were buy one pair get the second one for $10 in store sale I am not sure if it applies online
The tonal platform pumps were $26.99 and the silver buckle flats $18.99 so my flats came out to $10 with a total of about $39.00 and some change I believe
The pumps also come in a caramel brown color and the flats also in grey and brown the grey ones are sooo cute
Im a size 7 the flats were a little tight but after one day of wearing them they fit perfectly so I reccomend that you get your size even if its a little tight because after a day of wearing them they get looser thats with all flats
The pumps are comfortable and easy to walk in because of the platform style Im used to heels Im more of a shoe girl rather than a sneaker girl =)